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3 things ALL businesses should learn from Taylor Swift.

2014 brought the resurgence of Taylor Swift.  The loveable Nashville artist decided it was time to fully tackle a new genre of music.  Over the holiday break my 9 year old daughter subjected me to Taylor’s career and I discovered market strategies so simple and brilliant any businesses can benefit from it.

Like any other person in their 20’s Taylor decided to try a different direction in her career.  The move from country to pop music was not expected to be well received. She was exploring who she was, what she wanted to become, and how she wanted to impact the world.

What did Taylor do?  She took a risk with her first full pop album (1989), stayed true to herself with her album release(Secret Sessions) and she loved on her current customers with cookies and surprises (Swiftmas).  The things she and her team did were simple, well conceived, and completely believable for Taylor’s brand.

These are 3 simple marketing lessons businesses can take away from Taylor’s 2014 success.

Take Risks

Very few companies have become industry standards by “playing it safe.”  Sure there might be a large Insurance company or two who have set the bar for their industry and never taken a risk, but as a rule all successful businesses push the boundaries of their perception.  Ask T-Mobile (eliminating what everyone hates about their industry) how its working for them to shake things up?

Be You

Successful marketing boils down to trust, and believability.  If you don’t believe in yourself don’t expect others to believe in you.  Your customers and prospective customers can tell if you are being genuine or if you are faking it.  Don’t let the fear of taking risks prevent you from being honest.  You’ll be surprised who will take a shot on you, if you believe in your product/service.

Love your customers

Getting new customers is important, but so is taking care of the ones you have.  Many companies do reward programs, or loyalty incentives.  Most customers understand these tools for what they are.  It is, however, the companies that make bold moves to love on their customers that have lasting impressions.  Look at what WestJet did for some of their holiday travelers.

If you look at what moved large masses of people and had an impact in 2014, you will see big names, big business, and big industries trying to get personal.  You got into business because you were passionate about helping people solve a problem or fill a need.  Focus on being yourself, daring to be more, and taking care of those who helped you get where you are and 2015 will surprise you with just how much your market grows.

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